Products and Services

What We Provide

We provide outstanding rates and unsurpassed customer service for any type of consulting services and software solutions you may have. We will advise you on the best package for your needs and will provide individual prices.

For pricing enquiries please contact us to set a meeting.

Main Service Offerings

Data Analytics

Regression and classification using machine learning; clustering of large data; visualization on dashboards.

Due Diligence

Understanding the value of your company through thorough analysis of your financials and understanding your business.

Company Analysis

Investment analyst reports on any company you require; anything from a basic analysis to a full analyst report.


We can build you an in-house RPA tool or implement white labelled products that fit your company's automation needs.

Risk Assessment

Understanding the risks your company faces is key to success; we provide risk gap analysis and quantifying the impact of risk.


Actuarial projections to quantify future risks, provisions, yields, etc. Custom built for your specific needs.

Stress Testing

We help you identify how your business will be impacted by large stresses in the market to allow you to prepare for it.

Employee Benefits

We help you understand the impact that employee benefits has on your financial statements and also assist in setting it up.


Slow processes is a hinderance and we can assist in optimizing models, websites, spreadsheets, etc. to provide smoother run times.